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Pyramid Cocktails

Clearly, a good drink begins with clean, brisk vodka. And while our vodka is made with mixology in mind, Pyramid Vodka delivers an extraordinary drinking experience — even when sipped on its own. But enjoyment of even the simplest ingredients is heightened when combined with Pyramid’s pure spirit. Enjoy.

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The Elements of a Perfect Cocktail

No matter what flavors you like or what season you’re drinking in, there are few rules to mixology you can follow to help you create the perfect cocktail every time. Follow these steps to make your own unique drinks, then submit them for us to try out!

1. The ratio of alcohol to tart to sweet 

Use 1.5-2 ounces of Pyramid + 1 ounce of your tart ingredient (lime, grapefruit, etc) + 1 ounce of your sweet ingredient (simple syrup, agave, etc), for a ratio of 2:1:1 to keep the taste balanced.

2. Keep it (fairly) simple

You don’t want to throw the kitchen sink in there. Limiting yourself to five or less ingredients is a good way to make sure the flavors in your cocktail shine instead of muddling each other.

3. Get creative

What’s the point of experimenting if you don’t explore your options? Try seasonal fruits, raid your spice rack, and look for interesting aromatics like fresh herbs and bitters. Other liquors like Aperol and absinthe, beers, and even egg whites can all make great additions to a Pyramid cocktail.

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