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Alexander and Winston Folk grew up in the family restaurant, a popular fine dining establishment in Memphis, Tenn. That’s where they developed their love for the hospitality business, crafted Southern spirits and family tradition. After years of extensive research, mountains of paperwork and lots of sweat equity, the two Folk brothers officially bottled their first batch of Pyramid Vodka in November 2014. Currently available in restaurants, bars and liquor stores throughout Tennessee and Arkansas, with distribution soon expanding to additional markets throughout the South and beyond.

The Pyramid Vodka family isn’t just the Folk brothers anymore. Now that you know our story, get to know us even better.


ALEXANDER FOLK, CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER: Alexander works with Big River Distilling investors and other management to establish long-range goals, strategies, plans and policies. He earned a degree in Restaurant & Hospitality Management after years of working at the family restaurant. Alexander managed an upscale restaurant in Memphis before fulfilling his dream of starting a business with his brother, Winston. The two Folk brothers officially bottled their first batch of Pyramid Vodka in 2014. Alexander’s favorite Pyramid cocktail is the Basil Sour: 1.5 ounces of Pyramid, 1oz simple syrup, 1oz fresh lemon juice, muddled fresh basil, shaken and served over ice.

WINSTON R. FOLK, CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER: Winston is responsible for the day-today management of Big River Distilling and manufacturing of its flagship brand, Pyramid Vodka. Winston spent four years with the United States Coast Guard stationed in Tennessee and Alaska, and three additional years as a management systems consultant in the offshore oil industry. In 2012, he and his brother began extensive research and planning to develop what would become Pyramid Vodka. Winston enjoys his Pyramid neat with two drops of water and a lime garnish.

JOHN MCARTHUR, DIRECTOR OF BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT: John’s role with Big River Distilling is to develop and implement marketing programs, sales strategies and distribution plans for its flagship brand. John played football at the University of Memphis, where he earned a master’s in finance. He spent three years with a large financial services firm before joining Big River Distilling in 2014. His favorite cocktail mixes Pyramid with equal parts of ginger ale and fresh orange juice, over ice and garnished with an orange slice.

CARSON DUFFY, MARKETING AND MEDIA SPECIALIST: Carson joined Big River Distilling to take on the role of sharing the greatness of Pyramid Vodka. She is constantly thinking about branding, sharing recipes, and letting the good people of Memphis know to ask for Pyramid Vodka when they order their bloodies at lunch. Originally from Charlotte, NC, Carson spent her college years in Memphis and has returned after spending time traveling abroad then experiencing the joys of small business management. Carson enjoys her Pyramid Vodka garnished with the products of her balcony gardening efforts.

JACOB REED, PRODUCTION MANAGER: Jacob keeps day-to-day operations of the distillery running smoothly by ensuring all the equipment is in top form. He also coordinates Pyramid production volume with the sales department to meet the ever-growing market demand. After earning his bachelor’s degree in Animal Science and his masters in Biology, Jacob worked as a vet tech in Millington, TN.  When his interest in homebrewing began to flourish he decided on a career change. We’re lucky he decided to join the Pyramid Team. His go to drink is a Memphis Mule.