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Our Process

We’re proud to create our vodka

Grain to Glass

something only a handful of domestic vodkas can claim

Pyramid is a Tennessee-crafted premium vodka with a sweet Southern finish. It’s small batch distilled and made with only the finest Delta corn and pure artesian water.

Delta Corn

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We work directly with local farmers within a 100-mile radius of Memphis who deliver only the best corn. Preserving the corn’s excellence means grinding it directly into our mash cooker. All remaining mash byproduct is distributed to local hog farmers for feed.

Artesian Water

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We use water from the Memphis Aquifer, some of the cleanest and sweetest water on earth. Cooking our corn in this pure artesian water removes all of its starch, allowing us to natural enzymes to convert the corn’s starch into fermentable sugars.


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Adding the best strains of yeast converts the sugar to alcohol. This happens in our own custom-designed fermentation tanks, under our personal supervision, one batch at a time.


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Alcohol vapor travels up the still column for more than 60 feet, creating crystal-clear vodka. During the vapor’s journey, all impurities are stripped away.


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Finally, we filter Pyramid Vodka through our hand-built, custom engineered system. This proprietary process forces our vodka through specially designed carbon filters, creating a smooth, sippable, 80-proof vodka with a sweet Southern finish.